Program Overview : What Is Translational Research?

What Is Translational Research?

In the 1990s, Congress supported a doubling of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) budget for health research, but with this financial expansion came an expectation that the funded research would have a definite link to improvement in the health of the American people. This expectation led to a reorganization of priorities at the NIH. While basic and clinical research remains the primary methods for obtaining new knowledge, the leadership of the NIH and broader scientific community recognized that a new strategy and methodology was needed to promote the linkages between basic laboratory investigations, clinical investigations, applications of clinical trial outcomes in community settings, and decisions about public health policy. One outcome of this recognition was the creation of the NIH Roadmap, with funding priorities that emphasized multi-disciplinary approaches to translating discoveries in one research paradigm to another, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes.

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