Program Overview

MSCTI Program Overview

The Masters of Science in Clinical and Translational Investigation (MSCTI) program offers the opportunity for its clinicians, researchers, and students to develop new skills and to remain at the forefront of biomedical science.
Our 30-credit program requires:

  • Completion of structured content courses;
  • Participation in small group interactive seminars;
  • Preparation of a K-award, R21, or R01-type interdisciplinary clinical / translational research proposal that will serve as the Capstone requirement.

All of the above will be evaluated by a Capstone committee consisting of one member of the MSCTI Steering Committee, and two MSCTI Program faculty members.

Successful completion of the MSCTI will require a GPA of 3.0 or greater with no grades below C in any courses (these can be retaken and improved grades substituted) and successful completion of the thesis project.